Nick's First Steps 2002-2005

Early Animation Work from 2002-2005

Nick's First Steps: 2002-2005
Everyone has their early work. Not enough people show it off. I'm hoping this will be a reminder to me to look back and see how far I have come and also how far our tools have come to help us make more beautful work. 
Below is a collection of animations I made before 2005.
30 Second Projects Animation - 2004
Chaz Slipstream Title Sequence - 2003
Bear Title Card - 2004
Voice by Brian McCauley
Jinx Cafe Ad - 2003
Jinx Cafe Ad 2 - 2005
Starry Night Comp - 2005
Mock MTV Bumper - 2004
Nick And Brian Show Title Sequence - 2005
Guess The Bull Game for United Center - 2004
Chicago Motion Graphics Festival - 2003?
D.M.P Greatist Hits DVD Menu - 2004
Lighting Class Final Project - 2004
Hod's Home Theater Ad - 2002
This was my first paid animation. I worked at Hod's Home Theater as a salesman but was obsessed with After Effects. My boss asked if I wanted to make an ad for the local movie theater for $300? I said you bet and this was the result.
Like a lot of early work, it's pretty embarasing to watch. But, this is the one that started it all and got me learning 3D AE comps, green screen techniques, and sound design.
The animation that started it all.
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